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An alternative style

Punk skirt and red crop top, heels and bag… who ever said you can’t mix different styles to create a totally new one and which immediately gets on the right track? I never liked conforming only with the latest trends which come out from the fashion shows, but instead I have always loved creating something …


A simple and glamorous look in a mini faux fur coat!

I really can’t stand long and large faux fur coats, so I was looking for a mini one since a very long time. I needed something which made my shape pop and which was not too bulky in the event that it ever got cold and if there was the need to carry it with …


How to wear summer clothes in autumn

It’s always hard to say goodbye to some hot clothes as my crop tops and summer shorts are. But this year I’m deciding to not make any changesΒ at the time to makeover my closet for the autumn and, most of all, to not have to wait for the next summer to wear again my loved …


A walk in heels and jumpsuit!

What comes to my mind if I think of a piece of clothing that we should all have in our closet in this spring / summer 2018? Well, the jumpsuit of course! Trending by now, super elegant and for this a valid alternative to the usual dress, skirt or trousers, perfect if you want to …


Trench coats for spring: classy, sexy and confy at any moment!

We are now in the middle of spring : flowers, longer days, first warm days, but above all…  Trench coats! What piece of clothing is better than a jacket that protects you from the last cold moments and is super versatile and fashion at the same time? The trench coat can be matched with any garment, …


Autumn trend: the cropped jacket

Today I want to write about a trend that has been very popular in autumn’s collections since a few years, the cropped jacket! A true ally in the days of this period, to which I cannot renounce. This particular type of jacket protects from the cold, adding a rock touch to our style but elegant …

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