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The perfect swimsuits for a perfect tan!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin After a long winter in which our body has been exposed to the lowest temperatures, the moment in which to absorb as much sun as possible on our skin becomes the highest priority in the summer! Sun and after-sun creams in our bags, we head to the beaches in search …


A walk in heels and jumpsuit!

What comes to my mind if I think of a piece of clothing that we should all have in our closet in this spring / summer 2018? Well, the jumpsuit of course! Trending by now, super elegant and for this a valid alternative to the usual dress, skirt or trousers, perfect if you want to …


Trench coats for spring: classy, sexy and confy at any moment!

We are now in the middle of spring : flowers, longer days, first warm days, but above all…  Trench coats! What piece of clothing is better than a jacket that protects you from the last cold moments and is super versatile and fashion at the same time? The trench coat can be matched with any garment, …


Three outfits to feel like a real parisienne!

Paris has always been a symbol of elegance, both for the beauty present in every corner of the city, and for the style that its inhabitants communicate. They manage to create a refined and simple fashion envied by the whole world, with very little. You don’t need a full wardrobe, it’s the quality (not the …


Shine bright like a diamond in Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty!

“Fenty Beauty was created for everyone: for women of all shades, personalities, cultures and races. I wanted everyoneto feel included. That’s the real reason I made this line.” I really admired the concept behind this brand. I think it was time all women found their perfect shade of foundation, and an invite to celebrate difference …

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