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Evalamor try-on haul and review!

By now you know how much I love to wear lingerie. I truly think it is able to enhance the femininity of every woman and makes her feel powerful in her skin. Wearing good lingerie makes me feel so confident and ready to take over the world. Going shopping or to work with the awareness …


The afternoon activities of a fashion blogger

Shooting One of the activities I do is taking pictures, which is essential for what I do. I do this about two, three days of the week. It is an easier task to manage when the days are longer, as there is more time available. It is more difficult in winter with short days. But …


Side panel pants and skirts: how do wear them?

Yes I know, I’m a little late in writing this post, but let’s face it, the category of bottom side panel clothes is still a trend that doesn’t seem to go out soon. We’re talking about a sports piece that can succeed in being attractive if purchased in the right size, though: how can we …