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How I manage my blog and social platforms

I have been a blogger for almost two years by now, and I am often asked how I organize my day and how I can fit my daily commitments with Instagram and the blog. It’s not always easy, but let’s assume that you need to meticulously plan your day and make the most of those moments …


A deep slit in Saint Petersburg

After being in Helsinki and Tallinn, our big travel was leading us to Russia. First stop Saint Petersburg: passport and visa at hand, we get on the bus that would bring us from the Estonian capital to the greater Russia. None of my friends had ever visited Russia and it wasn’t easy to find vlogs …


The perfect perfume for all needs

It often happens that I am late for an appointment, I am in a hurry and have to dress in a heartbeat, so I naturally decide to hold some back because of my rush. But if there is one thing I cannot renounce before going out is my perfume. Dress Like Me A scent that …


My travel memories collected in the Saal Digital photobook

You might have noticed that my photo shoots on a trip have become vital, also because they are a pleasure to observe once I come back home, some memories that helps me revisit my just ended adventure and helps me tell the others about it. I’m very fond of pictures, I preserve them ever since …


Seductive boots in winter!

Girls, it’s finally that time of the year: the long-awaited time to wear high boots has come! The moment has arrived for us to feel an invincible Wonder Woman and to still resist the lack of tights. Yes, because bare legs and high boots are still a great team, right boys? I have a lot …

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