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How to turn heads in Prague!

I know I’m writing about my trip to Prague a little late but let me tell you that autumn in Prague is magical. The colors of leaves perfectly matches to the ones of the city, giving rise to an enchanted atmosphere. Temperature was ideal in early October. For my first visit to the Czech capital, …


A catwalk in Moscow

So there I was flying to Moscow, the last destination of the big trip! If I had heard little of St. Petersburg, I had even less of Moscow (if it weren’t for the World Cup final), so everything was even more mysterious. The blank sheet, which St. Petersburg had begun to write, was now in …


A deep slit in Saint Petersburg

After being in Helsinki and Tallinn, our big travel was leading us to Russia. First stop Saint Petersburg: passport and visa at hand, we get on the bus that would bring us from the Estonian capital to the greater Russia. None of my friends had ever visited Russia and it wasn’t easy to find vlogs …


Three days in Tallinn spent in my mini dresses!

While I was on the EckerΓΆΒ Line ship that would lead me and my boyfriend from Helsinki to Tallinn, I couldn’t wait to wear my two magical mini dresses I had bought for that occasion. But let me tell you something about this city. Tallinn is the capital of Estonia and it faces onto the Baltic …


What to wear and experience in Helsinki!

After a train towards Rome and a night spent in the capital, the biggest trip abroad I have ever taken so far was about to begin: 3 cities, 4 different countries, 3 capitals… Helsinki, Tallinn, St. Petersburg and Moscow were waiting for me for 19 vacations days in August around Northern Europe and Russia. First …


Travel diary: four days in Poland between Krakow and Warsaw

This is the most inexpensive trip I have ever taken for sure: four days (from 3 to 6 May), one flight to Krakow, two round-trips buses from Krakow to Warsaw, half a day in Auschwitz and one night in a hotel. All of this for just 70 Euros per person, but an experience I will …

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