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Polignano a Mare, a summer walk!

Puglia was my last trip in this pandemic period. I have already told you in detail about my beautiful adventure in the Gargano, but what I never told you about was the one day adventure I spent, visiting Polignano a Mare, Ostuni and Alberobello in one day, with all the beauties of the Itria Valley. …


What to see in the Gargano

Gargano is a small Italian territory located north of Apulia, one of the twenty Italian regions located in the southern section of the Boot! Italy is my native country, and in general I never set out to travel within the state where I was born. I prefer to travel to Europe and the world and …


3 districts to visit in Montreal

Centre Ville It is obvious that a trip to a big city must pass through its center, and the city of Montreal is full of small districts, and there also so many events to attend. During my three days in the capital of Quebec, I loved walking through the skyscrapers of the center, which mix …


My days in Toronto

The time has come to write about my adventure in North America starting from the first stop, Toronto, which, as you already know, was followed by Montreal and New York, in a new format, showing you how I lived this amazing experience day by day. I spent 5 days in Toronto, but the first was …


Summer in December in Malta

Malta is an island located in the Mediterranean sea between Europe and Africa. However, while I was there it was like being in a small London within Morocco. Former English colony, in fact, Malta is heavily influenced by the British influence: houses, right-hand drive and red telephone boxes are just some of the distinctive features …

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