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My new vegan skin care products

I have never been too convinced to test vegan products as regards my beauty routine, as I did not feel very persuaded of the real effectiveness of the products, since I though they lacked some ingredients that I considered essential. Well, all this lasted until the Spanish company Niche Beauty Lab contacted me to collaborate. …


3 tips for feeling more confident on a date

Whether it’s with him or her, the first date is one of those stumbling blocks. There are usually three problems that make us feel insecure: what to wear, what to talk about and what to do as soon as the date is over. But are we sure these are real problems? I would say no! …


My workout schedule during the lockdown

After consistently spending three months at the gym I certainly could not stop doing physical activity for a long time, I could not quit doing my daily workouts that were part of my routine and made me feel so good. So I planned a weekly workout routine during the last months of quarantine, made possible …


A feminist lesson: love yourself

How many times did I come back home from school and look myself in the mirror without liking me at all and only looking at my flaws? How many times did I listen to all the insults of my classmates, only because I wasn’t pretty enough for them? How many times did I compared myself …


How to plan a trip to Toronto, Montreal and New York!

eTA and ESTA First things first, you will need a passport to be requested in the offices of your country of origin, and once obtained, you need to apply for getting the documents needed to enter the two countries, Canada and the United States, by filling in the appropriate online forms in the governed sites …


5 things you don’t know about me

I’ve got a bachelor’s degree in Languages and I’m still studying Well, yes, I also find a way to study in addition to thinking about miniskirts and stilettos! I graduated in Languages with a a final result of 105/110 in February 2019, choosing English and French as languages of specialization. Not having enough and wanting …

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