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How to survive moving to another city all on your own

Spend your evenings with the right company: turn on your social life! And right away, babes! Either you’ve just broken up with your boyfriend, you’re single or he and your old company are now far from you, getting up on the dance floor with your new group of friends is an opportunity to be seized. …


My travel memories collected in the Saal Digital photobook

You might have noticed that my photo shoots on a trip have become vital, also because they are a pleasure to observe once I come back home, some memories that helps me revisit my just ended adventure and helps me tell the others about it. I’m very fond of pictures, I preserve them ever since …


Four activities I love the most during winter evenings

I know I probably go against the tide, but people, I love winter so much! Yes, cold is sometimes difficult to deal with for me that I am used to always dare with my outfits and to not wear tights. But for me there is nothing better, after a long study day, than devoting the …


How to get ready for Christmas without any stress!

As women, we tend to panic during Christmas time: home decorating, finding the perfect gift for our family, boyfriend, friends or colleagues, keeping Santa’s secret from the kids… and the nightmare called “Panic Saturday”! I’m talking about the last Saturday before Christmas Day: shopping streets and malls overrun by last-minute buyers… And Christmas dinner or …


5 things to do in autumn

I literally love this season. I know, it may be apparently sad due to the end of summer, but think about all the things that autumn gives us. It’s one of those times in the year when I feel completely charged: I mean, that’s what summer holidays are for, aren’t they? I am ready to …

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