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Stop buying plastic bottles!

I know, you can even call me the Greta Thumberg of fashion bloggers, but I think this is such an important topic for the well-being of our planet, that there are no limits to the people who can report on it! Our planet suffers every year from excessive plastic production, and we can in no …


Add a fashion gallery wall with Hambedo!

Well yes, this is something that has been playing on my mind for quite a while. By now I think you all know that I’m slowly renovating my room, and the latest idea I am having is to add a wall made of fashion posters. Why did I get this idea? As you can well understand …


How to make money from unused beauty products with BB

I often find myself having a lot of beauty products that I have bought and that I don’t use anymore, or even that I have opened, used once, and put there in a drawer without using it again. Creams, perfumes, highlighters and palettes, maybe even found in an advent calendar or that I received as …


How I transformed my bedroom

It is true that life is unpredictable: due to the sudden outcome of the pandemic and the consequent university lessons in online mode, I had no choice but to leave my university room and return permanently to my hometown, to reunite with my family which I have not seen for months. I think many people …


Autumn Winter 2020 trends: what I will buy!

Blue Blue will certainly not be missing in my outfits, and after so many years of absence from seeing it on me, I will be forced to renew my wardrobe with clothes of this color. I still don’t know which shades of blue I will choose, it will all depend on the style of the …


3 morning rituals for feeling better and fit

Have a healthy breakfast and drink a glass of water! Let’s start by saying that, to have a healthy breakfast, what must not be missing in the early morning are proteins. In fact, they reduce the desire to eat throughout the morning, as proteins keep the sugar levels present in the blood constant, preventing sudden …

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