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Reasons why life is better without wearing tights

Okay, I’ll admit it, it’s not like I’ve never wore tights. In fact, I used to put on even 50 denier tights to keep me from cold, but I always wanted to renounce them, since I didn’t like they are too much like leggings and since my closet was basically cut in half because not …


A simple and glamorous look in a mini faux fur coat!

I really can’t stand long and large faux fur coats, so I was looking for a mini one since a very long time. I needed something which made my shape pop and which was not too bulky in the event that it ever got cold and if there was the need to carry it with …


Seductive boots in winter!

Girls, it’s finally that time of the year: the long-awaited time to wear high boots has come! The moment has arrived for us to feel an invincible Wonder Woman and to still resist the lack of tights. Yes, because bare legs and high boots are still a great team, right boys? I have a lot …


Come esaltare l’outfit? Con il set regalo Daniel Wellington!

In caso di un evento o un appuntamento importante noi donne non facciamo altro che ripeterci “come posso rendere più particolare il mio outfit?”, e ci rendiamo conto, dopo aver messo in subbuglio l’intero armadio, che una gonna o una giacca non sono abbastanza, e che bisogna ricorrere ai ripari al più presto per non …


How to wear summer clothes in autumn

It’s always hard to say goodbye to some hot clothes as my crop tops and summer shorts are. But this year I’m deciding to not make any changes at the time to makeover my closet for the autumn and, most of all, to not have to wait for the next summer to wear again my loved …


Side panel pants and skirts: how do wear them?

Yes I know, I’m a little late in writing this post, but let’s face it, the category of bottom side panel clothes is still a trend that doesn’t seem to go out soon. We’re talking about a sports piece that can succeed in being attractive if purchased in the right size, though: how can we …

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