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My obsession for co-ords!

How beautiful are they? And you can never go wrong with them! I’m talking about co-ords, my dear, our loyal two pieces which allow us, after a fast leg shaving, to wear a a skirt perfectly matched to a top, creating a graceful but tremendously sexy and bad college girl look! Instagram friendly, quick to …


A leather jacket to stay warm in the last cold days!

This year, summer does not seem to be coming due to its mild temperatures. I always like to wear mini skirts, crop tops covering the essential and a pair of sandals, but I often end up freezing in the middle of the day. And this happens even in May/June, during the months when I should …


Say hello to the accessory that is here to stay: the headband!

It’s time to show off the main accessory of this spring summer on our hair. I’m talking about the headband! This big ally is a help in those days when we want to give a different look to our style. It is literally a big allyΒ because maxi headbands are above all those which are becoming …


Animal print even in spring and summer? Yes, thank you!

Animal print has been officially confirmed as one of the trends that will stand out during the imminent 2019 spring and summer season! Well, I couldn’t be happier about it. After the cold season, in which I combined it with neutral, black and brown colors, now it is time to finally wear it with bright …


Reasons why life is better without wearing tights

Okay, I’ll admit it, it’s not like I’ve never wore tights. In fact, I used to put on even 50 denier tights to keep me from cold, but I always wanted to renounce them, since I didn’t like they are too much like leggings and since my closet was basically cut in half because not …


A simple and glamorous look in a mini faux fur coat!

I really can’t stand long and large faux fur coats, so I was looking for a mini one since a very long time. I needed something which made my shape pop and which was not too bulky in the event that it ever got cold and if there was the need to carry it with …

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