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New Trend: the Flower Print!

I’ve never liked the boys who gave me flowers or showed up at the door with a bouquet of flowers. I don’t know about you, but most of the time they seemed to me like desperate straight white males who thought they had found their princess. This is why I tend to return the flowers …


Fashion summer trend: t-shirt bikini top!

Okay, do not pounce on me and do not start accusing me of heresy, I am aware that this type of bikini top does not help the tan, especially on the boobs. However, I remind you that there could another option, which is being topless: I mean, it is very easy to take off our …


How to wear bodysuits in summer

Summer is that season of the year in which, let’s face it, we sweat a lot, and we always try to wear clothes that make us sweat less but above all make us feel fresher… Yes, in every part of our body! It’s true, I have never been a great bodysuit fan, I prefer to …


3 unique colours for your bikinis!

How beautiful summer is! It is my favorite season for many reasons, but above all because I can finally eliminate all the super high-coverage winter clothes that I hate and start wearing all the mini clothing I want! Specifically, what could be better than wearing nice bikinis while we are sunbathing? You know that I …


My favorite sweetheart neckline dress

Do you want to know what is the best way to make our return in public after the lockdown? It’s easy, choosing a nice low-cut at the right point minidress, of course! A sexy to the nth degree item of clothing that makes me feel confident and proud to show my breasts just enough. So …


Looking chic and hot with the jacket and skirt sets!

I think by now you have captured my obsession over co-ords: since a couple of years, I have collected a lot of them in my closet. I simply love them thanks to their versatility, for the fact that I don’t have to rack my brains over the various combinations to make and obviously for being …

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