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3 tips for feeling more confident on a date

Whether it’s with him or her, the first date is one of those stumbling blocks. There are usually three problems that make us feel insecure: what to wear, what to talk about and what to do as soon as the date is over. But are we sure these are real problems? I would say no! …


How to wear bodysuits in summer

Summer is that season of the year in which, let’s face it, we sweat a lot, and we always try to wear clothes that make us sweat less but above all make us feel fresher… Yes, in every part of our body! It’s true, I have never been a great bodysuit fan, I prefer to …


3 unique colours for your bikinis!

How beautiful summer is! It is my favorite season for many reasons, but above all because I can finally eliminate all the super high-coverage winter clothes that I hate and start wearing all the mini clothing I want! Specifically, what could be better than wearing nice bikinis while we are sunbathing? You know that I …


My days in Toronto

The time has come to write about my adventure in North America starting from the first stop, Toronto, which, as you already know, was followed by Montreal and New York, in a new format, showing you how I lived this amazing experience day by day. I spent 5 days in Toronto, but the first was …


My favorite sweetheart neckline dress

Do you want to know what is the best way to make our return in public after the lockdown? It’s easy, choosing a nice low-cut at the right point minidress, of course! A sexy to the nth degree item of clothing that makes me feel confident and proud to show my breasts just enough. So …


My workout schedule during the lockdown

After consistently spending three months at the gym I certainly could not stop doing physical activity for a long time, I could not quit doing my daily workouts that were part of my routine and made me feel so good. So I planned a weekly workout routine during the last months of quarantine, made possible …

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