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A year without traveling abroad

If you’ve known me for a while, you know how much I love to travel. In the time between 2016 and 2019 I visited many countries, both in Europe and in the world; I have known many different cultures; I have tasted foreign foods; faced many adventures even going beyond my limits (if you are …


Evalamor try-on haul and review!

By now you know how much I love to wear lingerie. I truly think it is able to enhance the femininity of every woman and makes her feel powerful in her skin. Wearing good lingerie makes me feel so confident and ready to take over the world. Going shopping or to work with the awareness …


Invest on printed clothes

If there is something that stylists and fashion houses have continually proposed to us in every season of these last years, it is clothes coloured with particular prints, which are never boring. Just think of the animal print, the floral one, the tie-dye, the polka dots, just to name a few! These are all trends …


Bijoux Indiscrets: the best vegan pleasure products

Bijoux Indiscrets is an erotic e-shop created by women for women (but not only), which sells a wide range of products in order to make every woman feel sexy and at ease with her body and her pleasure: cosmetics, accessories, super fashion clothing and sex toys, you will be spoiled for choice! I had the …


The leggings for a perfect booty

Come on girls, let’s not fool ourselves. When we are in the dressing rooms and try on a pair of leggings or jeans, the first thing we do, at least me, is to turn around and see if our butt fits perfectly inside them, giving it the best possible shape. Without fear, let’s face it …


The afternoon activities of a fashion blogger

Shooting One of the activities I do is taking pictures, which is essential for what I do. I do this about two, three days of the week. It is an easier task to manage when the days are longer, as there is more time available. It is more difficult in winter with short days. But …

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