About me

About Me-1

Hi, I’m Donatella, a twenty-something Italian with a huge love for fashion and travel.

I started to become passionate about blogging a year and a half ago, during an emotional low point of my life. I was looking for a hobby that kept my mind off things and made me find out who I really am, and I thought why not create a little corner on the web where to show the truest version of myself?

So my babe aka my boyfriend started taking pictures of me to post on Instagram and which became pictures for my blog posts in no time.

In my blog posts I share my outfits, my travel adventures, some lifestyle bites and some make-up tips! This blog and all my social medias are like a kind of microphone which talks to women, by encouraging self-confidence and by combating gender gap and racial disparity.

During this last year and a half I’ve worked with some great fashion and beauty brands and I’m always up for new chats and for dropping something new, so, if you’d like to hear more please get in touch with me through the contact section.