Are you tired of giving your girlfriend the usual Pandora charm? Well, make yourself comfortable, today I recommend some of the most beautiful gift ideas you can give to your sweetheart! 

Sexy Underwear 

Let’s start with a bang: a nice intimate set that will make both of you happy! You choose your favorite color, and choose the model you prefer in the many stores present both online and in shopping centers. Underwear is not made only of panties and bra, you could also opt for a body shaper for women, which will make your girlfriend feel more beautiful and confident! 

Coord or Dress 

It is useless to choose the usual sweatshirt or a simple t-shirt. Better to opt for something complete and that she can wear thinking only and exclusively of you. A co-ordinated set, consisting of a t-shirt and skirt, or a transparent dress, which is very trendy these days, are a great way to make her happy. Great gift in combination with some butt lifter shorts

A nice New Year’s trip 

Travel is never a wrong gift, and if after spending Christmas at home with your family, it is better to take a break on New Year’s Eve, opting for a holiday in a city, in the mountains or in the snow! 

A wellness experience 

If we have to find one negative aspect of Christmas, that is the stress of always being with your family to eat. From this point of view, giving a spa experience immediately after the holidays can be the right solution to relax before returning to work! 


We women love shoes, I count almost 100 pairs of them in my cabin, and whenever the opportunity presents itself to me, I don’t shy away from buying more. This is a gift that makes any woman happy! Since it is winter, I suggest you opt for a pair of high-heeled boots, otherwise a pair of invisible pumps! 

Sports items 

If your partner plays sports, now is the ideal time to give her a new outfit that she can wear for the gym. Take advantage of the shapewear black friday to find the products that seem most interesting to you! 

Instant Camera 

A memory is always carried with you, even better if this is photographed! I have been using my instant camera for years now, I have books full of photos, and leafing through them is always a unique thrill! Giving one of these cameras as a gift is a great way to have a frame of a happy day with you! 


We women never go out without a bag! Whether it’s a shoulder bag or a backpack, the right way to choose the model to give as a gift is to observe your girlfriend’s routine and see what bags she wears throughout the day! Once this is done, find the bag model she uses the most and choose one to put under the tree! 

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Photos Taken By Michele