If you have a keen eye, you will surely have noticed that in the last year I have experimented a lot with my look, showing off many different styles. I was used to wearing only skirts, crop tops and heels, but how nice is it to vary and give a chance to garments that you had never worn before? That’s what I recently discovered, and so my “style transformation” has begun! No longer just skirts, but also pants, jumpsuits, and not just heels, but also sneakers, and much more that you’ve never seen me wear! 

I was really happy with the way I was able to change my outfits a bit every day, however I still felt that something was missing. In fact, they say that the first real style transformation starts with our hair! I love my natural hair, but it started getting tired and looking too monotonous. I needed something that was definitely more flashy and more reflective of my personality! 

Hair like Ariana Grande 

And that’s when I bought a ponytail: it’s a hair extension that attaches comfortably to the hair after it’s tied. My Ariana Grande ponytail immediately became my best friend. Wearing it immediately made me feel as if I had given an incredible change to my look without going to the hairdresser and spending a fortune, but simply wearing a ponytail in just a few minutes! And then can please talk about how sexy it is? I mean, I feel like a wild queen! 

Is it difficult to wear a hair extension? 

Absolutely not, these fashion wigs can be worn in no time and you can do it without anyone’s help. Just gather your hair and create a bun to attach your extension! Easier done than said! 

Where to buy it? 

On the Uniwigs website you have the opportunity to buy any type of ponytail color you want. And it all doesn’t end there. In fact, on the site you will find every type of women’s wigs you want. Whatever your favorite hair color is, you can rest assured that at Uniwigs you will find the model that’s right for you! 

All this to tell you that if you want to experiment with your appearance, start with your hair, and you can easily do it by choosing from a huge range of products on the Uniwigs website! In fact, it is specialized not only in the sale of ponytails, but also of absolutely realistic hair toppers and synthetic wigs, of the highest quality and that will give your look the definitive turn in a few moments! 

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Photos Taken By Michele