Puglia is known all over the world for its typical brick houses, which take the name of “trulli”. But where do you have to go to see these typical houses? Simple, in the Itria Valley! It is a small strip of land located in the Apulian hinterland, which goes from Ostuni to Alberobello, a Unesco heritage city, due to the trulli reserve in the city!

I have been to Ostuni and Alberobello, and I’m here to tell you about and show you the most beautiful places in this area.


Ostuni is known as the white city, precisely because every house in the historic center is literally painted white! To decorate this white there are some colored details of blue, pink or in any case pastel colors, such as the railings, the balconies and the doors of the houses. A small village that seems to have come out of the world of fairies. Walk through the historic center and reach the point overlooking the sea, enjoying here some bread and oil to refresh yourself!


The road that connects Alberobello to Ostuni is the true essence of the Itria Valley. Here, between one kilometer and the next, the first constructions of trulli follow one another within the olive groves. The climax is reached once you arrive in Alberobello. Here are the best preserved trulli in the world, with pleasant reconstructions of the daily life of the times in which these houses were inhabited. Enjoy the walk munching on some taralli, and don’t leave the city of trulli without having tasted the yellow bread of the area!

Photos Taken ByΒ Michele