Silicone or washable straws

Stop wasting a lot of plastic even when making a cocktail at home. These washable straws help us keep the plastic collection tidy, and are perfect for birthday parties to offer to our guests or any other occasion, instead of disposable ones. Take them with you even when you go out!

Reusable bags for food

Stop wasting foil and aluminum, which then have to be thrown away after the first use. Store your food inside these convenient bags, which can also be closed again eliminating all the air inside! Once they’ve done their job, rinse them and reuse them for more storage!

Glass containers

A lot of times it happens that some food remains, and we don’t know how to store it. Unlike a plastic container, a glass container will never get damaged, as long as it doesn’t fall on the floor. In addition to this, food is also better preserved, and you will be a great help to the planet in eliminating plastic!

Shopping bags

Even though they can be reused to put in the trash, it is always a huge waste to request the bags when you go to the grocery store. Therefore, it is much better to bring one from home, which will allow us to save money and buy bags that we may not use later.

A dispenser to refill products

In supermarkets, the policy is always the same: getting you to buy packages that include, as a whole, a huge amount of material to put in the garbage can when used or as soon as you get home. Buy dispensers for your kitchen, such as dish soap, pasta or cereal soap, and go to a store that refills the products you miss every time you run out of that product. You will reduce the consumption of paper and plastic and you will save money, by purchasing a larger quantity of product, as you will no longer have to pay for individual containers!

Washable napkins

Stop using disposable napkins on our tables. Let’s allow ourselves the luxury of a tissue handkerchief, to be put in the washing machine along with the tablecloth, once too dirty. The garbage can will thank you for the huge amount of unworn handkerchiefs, even for one clean of your hands!

Photos Taken By Michele