Most likely you will be missing me, given the fact that I haven’t posted any posts on my blog in a long time. In my defense, I tell you that these months of study are taking away a lot of my time, and it is always difficult to keep you updated on everything that happens in my life, so I advise you to follow me on Instagram so as not to miss any news. But now let’s talk about today’s topic!

What is happening in the fashion world and what are the trending garments for this summer? Although this topic comes a little late on my blog, today I am giving you some shopping tips for your next summer vacation!

The 2000s are back

I was little, about 5 years old, when the beautiful Britney Spears started to come up with that iconic style that disappeared in such a short time. In her videos and on her tours, Britney did nothing but pull off outfits, each one more beautiful than the last. Bandanas used in place of tops, transparent dresses, flip flops and heeled sandals, colorful prints, low waist and that naughty thong always out of the pants (you already know that I love the low waist and thong duo!). Well, all these trends from a few years ago are now back in fashion, and I can’t wait to be able to show off all my outfits on summer evenings!

I am delighted!

I don’t know about you, but I can say that, among all the fashions I have had the opportunity to experience in these 25 years of my life, this return back in time, to the 2000s, is the fashion style in which I found the most beautiful trends, and which is closest to my personal style. You know I like to dare, to never go unnoticed even when I go to the fruit shop, since you never know that some sportsman needs his spinach to lift some weights this evening! And it is for this reason that within this fashion I can find a lot of trends that perfectly describe the kind of person I am! And don’t be afraid of the low waist, you can wear it too with a waist and thigh trainer.

What about you?

You are beautiful, love yourself, because the mood that I find in these trends is that of confidence and love for yourself and for your body. I love my body, and I have no problem showing it under a see-through skirt. I have full confidence in myself to shame all the people who think they can take me only because I wear thong outside my pants: it’s me who decide who to sleep with! Well, once your mental side is fixed, the physical one remains! The low waist is critical, and in some cases it does not fit as we would like, so, if you feel the need, rely on a plus size waist trainer : in less than a few weeks you will solve all your problems and you will be ready to wear whatever you want!

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Photos Taken By Michele