The first 4 months of real use of YouTube have now passed. I can therefore give a first account of this first term, a bit like when you go to school! There are pros and cons of this little journey of mine recently undertaken that I want to tell you, including some behind the scenes. A short article that will allow you to get to know me better. Let’s start with the cons!


  • I have not been constant: I thought I could publish every week, but in reality I did not make it due to the many commitments. The videos to date are too few, 6 in four months, I need to improve.
  • I realized I needed more performing video equipment for the editing phase, thus purchasing the latest iPad. My current one has crashed more than once, wasting me a lot of time.
  • I accidentally formatted the sd card in which I had recorded 3 videos, and l do not add more!
  • I have to move a whole house when I have to record some videos, due to the limited space.


  • I understood the way my videos can evolve, taking them to a higher level and that they are able to capture more attention. Phase one of the break-in is over and phase two is starting, but I am planning phase three! Each phase involves changes to obviously improve.
  • I have a very specific plan to follow in the coming months, thanks to the data provided by YouTube to improve engagement.
  • Some positive numbers: the first subscribers have arrived, there are almost 400 to date, with all the videos over 1000 views, two of which over 3000 and one even 11000! So good!
  • I have tons of videos coming up, at least I hope, for a schedule of one video a week until June!

Photos Taken By Michele