If you are used to scrolling on Instagram, you will surely have noticed that an essential item of the wardrobe during autumn winter 2020-2021 is the blazer and, more specifically, worn as a dress!

The blazer is a very elegant garment, which is usually worn with trousers or a skirt to form a suit, and is usually shown off on important occasions, such as a wedding, or just to go to work and respect a certain dress code.

Well, forget these clichés and welcome an incredibly versatile garment! In addition to being worn in the various ways I mentioned above, the blazer this year is worn as if it were a dress, and can be super mini. And it can be worn on all occasions, from the most formal to the most casual!

A super sexy outfit where you can play with the see-through, perhaps with a nice lingerie peeking out of the blazer, perfect for flirting with the guy you like. I bet he’ll like the surprise as soon as he opens your blazer! Easy access!

It is also the perfect outfit to highlight our beautiful legs, with or without tights, the choice is yours. The blazer dress greatly slims the figure if worn with a pair of high-heeled shoes, which must be stilettos, I recommend. You choose between boots or pumps.

If the buttons of the blazer are not enough and it fits you too wide, tighten it with a belt, which will soften your waist and make the blazer even more beautiful and fashionable!

Photos Taken By Michele