By now you know how much I love to wear lingerie. I truly think it is able to enhance the femininity of every woman and makes her feel powerful in her skin. Wearing good lingerie makes me feel so confident and ready to take over the world. Going shopping or to work with the awareness of the sexy clothes I am wearing underneath gives me a feeling of indescribable power, which I’m sure you can understand!

I have already told you about my intention to create and share more content of me wearing lingerie in 2021. That’s why when the team of Evalamor offered me to send me 4 pieces from their amazing collection, I was really excited. This collaboration fell perfectly with my goal! Their site features all kinds of lingerie items: two pieces sets, babydolls, bodysuits, teddies and much more, all distinguished by a high erotic rate, suitable for every woman, her body and her needs to embrace womanhood.

So here are the items I received, perfect for spending Valentine’s Day with an extra gear, but also for everyday life!

Red Romance Mesh Bra Set

Red lingerie mon amour! This set includes a bra, a thong and an adorable high waisted skirt with adjustable garter straps, ideal for teasing with what’s hidden underneath. Lingerie with this see-through effect is always a winner, just as I feel when I wear it. What is certainly an extra detail to underline is the fact that the quality of all these garments is truly amazing!

Black Lace Crochet Bra Set

We’ve known how super trendy the floral print has been for a couple of years, and so is the crochet detail. So why not bring the latest fashion trends into the bedroom? And can we please take a moment to talk about that matching choker around the neck? Sensual to say the least!

Black Cut Out Lace Bodysuit

Nothing beats a nice lace bodysuit to feel super sexy. And what you see in the picture is just the proof! It perfectly flatters the body shapes, and I have to say it gives that hot Spiderwoman air that I love. I’m ready to wear this little gem under my clothes and in bed, and amaze anyone who sees me wearing it and myself everytime I look in the mirror!

Red Lace Strappy Push Up Bra Set

And let’s go back to red, with this lace set, a classic but not at all trivial. With this outfit nothing is left to the imagination, and I’m sure wearing it when you go out will make you imagine you are a woman with the world at her feet!

In Partnership with Evalamor
Photos Taken By Michele