If there is something that stylists and fashion houses have continually proposed to us in every season of these last years, it is clothes coloured with particular prints, which are never boring. Just think of the animal print, the floral one, the tie-dye, the polka dots, just to name a few!

These are all trends that don’t seem to want to disappear. They always end up coming back into fashion (even many years later) and being real ever-greens. That’s why investing in tops, pants, skirts, shoes, colorful bags with particular printed patterns is a great idea!

It’s true, a single-color outfit has that minimal charm that will always be welcome, but sometimes you have to dare, just like I did in the last period, and you can easily see this by taking a look at my Instagram feed! I said enough to always wear the same monotous clothes, and I gave more than a chance to outfit which were more colourful and that played with special prints.

Just like this co-ordered set that was sent to me by the brand Dropship, super bright! It immediately gives me a touch of joy and makes me feel like a sexy flamenco dancer. Hey Spanish boys! Seriously, I love this set. The purple color really stands out, and the drawn yellow flowers are really adorable. I’ve always loved the yellow and purple combination! In my opinion the set would not have been the same without the floral print.

As you can see, a print can give a touch of sparkle to any outfit, and you can easily show off an outfit that is never, and I say never, banal. Experiment with your own style and get out of your comfort zone, you won’t regret it!

In Partnership with Dropship
Photos Taken By Michele