Bijoux Indiscrets is an erotic e-shop created by women for women (but not only), which sells a wide range of products in order to make every woman feel sexy and at ease with her body and her pleasure: cosmetics, accessories, super fashion clothing and sex toys, you will be spoiled for choice!

I had the pleasure, in the true sense of the word, of testing a product belonging to the Slow Sex collection. It is a line of cosmetics aimed at redefining the concept of foreplay. Yes, all those moments of intimacy that precede sexual intercourse are extremely important and not just a small preview of what comes next, dear girls and boys! Examples of foreplay are kisses, cuddles, whispered words, caresses, touching, massages, stimulation of the genital organs and much more, everything from which to start to make sex, with yourself or with others, explosive.

The goal of the Slow Sex collection is to make these acts even more intriguing and pleasant, thanks to scented and hot cosmetics: you will find massage products, lubricants for anal sex, oral sex sprays and much more! I also want to underline the ethical aspect of this brand, in fact all the items on the site are 100% wild and 0% animal.

I have chosen the balm for the clitoris, the erogenous zone par excellence of every woman. Why did I choose this? Well, I needed something to play with myself a bit, unfortunately we are still in lockdown! What about this little gem? It is becoming my little but great best friend: the heavenly coconut scent, the instant warming effect, the fast absorption, make it perfect for intense sensations of pleasure to get in touch with myself and achieve the orgasm. Never again without it, and I can’t wait to try it with my partner!

So get ready to explore your pleasure with the Bijoux Indiscrets products, also taking a look at Maze, a bondage inspiration collection that features harnesses, chokers and handcuffs to wear both in the bedroom and on the go!

Don’t forget my discount code BBDONATELLA to enter during the check out of your order, or follow this tracking link to get a 20% discount! Happy shopping!

In partnership with Bijoux Indiscrets
Photos Taken By Michele