Come on girls, let’s not fool ourselves. When we are in the dressing rooms and try on a pair of leggings or jeans, the first thing we do, at least me, is to turn around and see if our butt fits perfectly inside them, giving it the best possible shape. Without fear, let’s face it that a pair of leggings that do our butt justice are the main part of creating an outfit we like.

On Instagram, people often ask me how do I get a booty so perfect that whatever pants I wear fit me well, and ask me for advice on how to get shapes like mine. I start by specifying that there is no plastic surgery, I inherited it from my mum and trained in the gym. If you don’t believe me, I can leave you the contacts of a couple of boys who have confirmed this with their hands!

But let’s go back to the focus of this article. I have a piece of advice to give you: you too can find your perfect pants on the Peachy Shapewear website, from which I received a pair of excellent quality leggings, which totally convinced me to tell you about this brand! On their website, you will find everything you need to create your favorite body shape and everything you want, and many other items to improve your self-confidence! I chose this pair of leggings, and if at first I was very hesitant about it, I must admit that I found them perfect and in my opinion suitable for each of us! I hope this advice will come in handy!

Leggings gifted by Peachy Shapewear
Photos Taken By Michele