One of the activities I do is taking pictures, which is essential for what I do. I do this about two, three days of the week. It is an easier task to manage when the days are longer, as there is more time available. It is more difficult in winter with short days. But the commitments with the brands must be kept and therefore I always have to work something up!


Yes I know, I’m always here to write about how you can approach a guy and how to dress in order to not make him take his eyes off you, and so on. But I am also a university student, and this leads me to also have university commitments, such as taking lessons and preparing exams, then studying. And yes, I prefer to talk about boys rather than study!

Content Creator

Obviously, part of the work of a fashion blogger also consists in creating content for the web, for brands or organizations that ask me to do it. Obviously, part of the work I do is not published only on my social channels, but also on the social channels of companies that ask me to talk about their product or other related. Getting informed, taking notes, testing things, video calls and many other activities are part of the routine. All this helps me to know better what it is about within the content I create!


One of my latest activities undertaken in the last period is precisely that of youtuber, and I want to get to the point of making Instagram and Youtube my main social networks. The road is still uphill but I will tell you about this in another article! To be a youtuber, you have to make videos and edit them, and if in the last two months I have stopped at 2 videos a month, things will have to change from March 2021, managing to guarantee many more videos and therefore many more activities!


I don’t handle this alone. I have a little helper with me, since the beginning of this project, which we have undertaken together. Having done everything together, we allow ourselves, every two weeks, briefings to talk about what needs to be done and the way to go to carry out all everything we have in mind. I want to underline, for anyone who wants to start this job, that this hour that we allow ourselves is very important, as it is the fulcrum of everything else!