I always had the idea of starting a YouTube channel, in which to talk about my style, what I like most to wear and show my looks. Yes, so far I have focused my channel on this new type of video, which is very fashionable in the East but is struggling to take off in the West. These videos are called lookbooks, and they are videos in which many outfits are shown, one after the other!

They are not very long videos. Five minutes is more than enough, and at least 10 outfits are enough to create one. Most important of all, these videos don’t force you to talk. They are therefore perfect to start with, especially for me, who am still shy about speaking in front of a video camera. And I’ll be honest, I must admit that this type of video helped me a lot to push me to open the channel!

Of course, I know very well that by the end of 2021 I will have to start talking on camera. I have many projects in mind, and if Covid will allow us to travel, I would also like to upload travel videos of the places I will visit, creating small guides that can be useful for those who want to embark on my same journey.

I would now like to give advice to those who want to take this path in 2021, from me who is a novice in the field. The hard part is creating. At first you don’t have to feel obligated to bring a lot of content. Focus more on the quality of things than on quantity. Those who subscribe to your channel must follow you because your content is of quality and above all sincere. These are the foundations that will make your project successful over time!

I still have few subscribers, it is true, but the views obtained so far exceed my expectations. As soon as I started the blog or Instagram, those numbers were utopia. This is to tell you that, among all the algorithms you deal with in social media, YouTube is the one that definitely rewards your efforts and commitment the most!

Items gifted by Chicme
Photos Taken By Michele