If you travel often like me, you will know how difficult it is sometimes to carry all the products you need with you: make-up, body creams, perfumes, brushes, not to mention jewelry. Especially if your holiday will be longer than a weekend, it will not be easy to pack everything in your suitcase, and, above all, keeping everything in order will become a challenge!

I also had this problem, until I discovered the brand Ellis James Designs, which kindly sent me two adorable bags. First of all I love the white color of these bags, which make them very minimal as I like it. Secondly, the first, the large cosmetics organizer, allows me to insert a lot of products, ranging from those for body care to those for make-up and skincare routine. The beauty case is made up of various compartments in the upper part, which are super comfortable to have everything in order and within reach. I like to take care of myself even while traveling, you never know if a nice one-night stand will happen!

Likewise, I like to wear many types of jewelry, especially earrings, which I choose based on the outfit I will wear. But I tended to carry around so many earrings that ended up getting stuck with each other! However, this problem has been solved by the travel jewelry keeper, which allows me to insert earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets and watches all in order and in their place!

Bags gifted by Ellis James Designs
Photos Taken ByΒ Michele