It’s always nice to take a look around the women’s clothing stores at the beginning of the year, looking for the trends of the 12 months to come! Preparing for the imminent arrival of the spring-summer season is like preparing Christmas gifts. You have to be ready at the stroke of the month that will send the cold away, to make room for the first seasonal heats! Therefore, let’s put aside furs, coats, sweaters and all that is heavy, to make room for colorful and light clothing! 

But what are the trends that you absolutely must have in 2021? 

Well, we are women, and we always want to have a wardrobe full of clothes that, once worn, make us feel good, stylish and classy! So, if this is your day of online shopping, here are some tips to follow to take home the trendiest clothes ever! 

Lace and pastel 

I would dare to call it “the strange couple”, but we must admit that once seen up together they are really a perfect duo! A nice mini or midi dress, with a nice lace pattern, pink or pastel blue, would be perfect to wear for a nice romantic walk in the park or for a cocktail party with friends! 

Transparent dresses 

If until last season you used sheer dresses over your swimsuits just to go sunbathe, this year things will change! Transparent dresses will be strongly fashionable used in the evening, during your evening walks. Decide whether to wear it over your lingerie or on an outfit, perhaps shorts and crop tops. The wow effect is guaranteed! 

Back naked clothes 

We have seen many dresses with bare backs in recent years, but this year they will be the must have to have in the closet and to wear to any kind of dinner. No matter the length of the dress or the cut of the shirt, the bare back detail will make your outfit elegant and refined, giving you, even with the least expensive dress, a look that will seem rich in details! 

High-visibility and iridescent clothes 

Do you know the colours of the clothes that are used when you need to change a wheel? Or the reflections of a mermaid tail? In the first case, they are called high-visibility; as for the second, we are dealing with the iridescent reflection. These are two features that will be very present on all the garments we are going to buy for next summer, especially skirts, dresses and shoes! 

And for next autumn winter? 

In this period, you can grab some bargains, given the latest winter discounts available on the affordable online clothing stores. So, it seems right to take advantage of these discounts to take home something that will be very useful for the autumn-winter 2021/2022 season! Go for desaturated colors, fringes, low-rise, vinyl and, for accessories, a nice pair of gloves. Also opt for something classic in style: nice black pants, a sweater and a camel-colored coat. These are simple but must-have garments, which you cannot do without during a normal winter routine, whatever the occasion for which you are wearing them! 

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Photos Taken By Michele