Oh yeah, here is the bad girl style, which I love so much and have been very obsessed with lately! It is captivating at the right point and it makes me feel so sexy that, around me, the attention cannot fall on anything else, except my fantastic outfit!

It is very easy to create: you will just need these super high boots you see in the picture, with the zipper and the heel with golden details, and a bralette-style top, with shoulder straps in chains, super trend of this period! You can find these two delicious items on the Chicme website, which kindly gifted them to me. I completed the look by adding two garments that were easily found inside my wardrobe: a super stylish mini skirt (you might decide to bring out a nice thong) and a faux fur in leopard print, to make the look much stronger and colored at the right point!

Well girls, of course you have free choice of accessories to wear. The important thing is to stick to the colors of the outfit without exaggerating. The moment you have to exaggerate will be the moment when you have to laugh at your evening prey’s jokes, while you are focused on his strong arms and your thoughts go beyond his sad jokes, due to the fact that he cannot speak to a woman so sexy girl in front of him. Better break the ice before it’s too late!

Items gifted by Chicme
Photos Taken By Michele