It was the early 2000s when this trend was incredibly popular. Having been born in the 90s, I spent my childhood listening to Britney Spears and was so inspired by her style, but, well, I was a little girl and so I was forced to just sing and dance to her songs. But today I can finally take the opportunity to show off one of her most iconic looks! I’m talking about the combination formed by low-waisted pants and visible thong, which is super back in fashion this 2020!

I’m hearing everything and more about this style: “it’s vulgar”, “it’s too cold to wear it”, “only celebrities can afford it”, and I could go on. It is definitely a very controversial trend, but by now you will have understood that I don’t care about the judgment of others and I love to wear what I like and makes me feel good. There are no rules in fashion, you just have to be yourself! I love this trend, and I’m more than happy to wear it with pride, because it exactly represents my cheeky personality. And honestly, my navel in sight, that thong sticking out and teasing my next prey… I find this extremely sexy!

I can say I’ve created one of my all time favorite looks: ruched co-ord, stilettos, mini bomber jacket and my beloved thong in sight. The thing I like most is that I have combined a casual style with a more elegant one, for a result that is nothing short of hot and explosive!

Co-ord gifted by Chicme
Photos Taken By Michele