I know, you can even call me the Greta Thumberg of fashion bloggers, but I think this is such an important topic for the well-being of our planet, that there are no limits to the people who can report on it! Our planet suffers every year from excessive plastic production, and we can in no way afford to take it easy once we buy a throwaway bottle of water, as the disposal of that bottle will be detrimental to our planet.

I live in Italy, the first European country for the production of plastic bottles, and second in the world after Mexico. I see plastic bottles thrown on the street and not properly disposed, for example, in the special plastic containers. But that is not all. Kids at school or university, people in their work place (and the list could last hours) are always in front of the vending machines to buy these disposable water bottles, even every day of the week. One gram of plastic in one day, which becomes tons per year.

Today I am here to explain to you that it takes very little, but very little, to consume less plastic, and also to save some money. Because, at the end of the day, you can improve the world around you with simple gestures. So my advice is to buy a reusable bottle of Super Sparrow, of the size and model that best suits your needs. On the site you can in fact choose the capacity or the color that best suits you!

Sometimes, changing the way we live helps improve the environment. All you have to do is to fill your bottle as soon as you wake up, without having to worry about the loss of freshness or heat of your drink, as the Super Sparrow bottles can maintain the temperature up to 24h. It is therefore also perfect for hot chocolate and tea!

“I understand, but if my drink runs out, I still have to buy a plastic bottle, right?” Absolutely not! All you have to do is download the Refill app, which I have already told you about. It will allow you to find bars, “case dell’acqua” (a public drinking water supply service in Italy) or fountains, from which you can fill your bottle for free! And no, I don’t accept that you forget your bottle before leaving the house. There are several ways to remember this, such as:

  • Get Alexa or Google to remind you
  • Write a note on the fridge
  • Prepare it the night before in your bag
  • Leave one in the office, in the car or at school to fill up later

I could go on, but you have to be the one to create your daily good deed to improve this world, starting with the purchase of a Super Sparrow bottle. I chose the 750 ml model, so as not to worry for most of the day, and in order to always have some water in reserve for when I study or work, or when I do my workouts! I can assure you that this is the first bottle I receive that does not have unpleasant odors, and for this reason I decided to dedicate an article to it and recommend it to you! Let me know in the comments which one you will choose, and let’s start changing the world!

In Partnership with Super Sparrow

Photos Taken By Michele