Gargano is a small Italian territory located north of Apulia, one of the twenty Italian regions located in the southern section of the Boot! Italy is my native country, and in general I never set out to travel within the state where I was born. I prefer to travel to Europe and the world and to know many more foreign countries than places that are near my home. But, at the end of the day, the Gargano is located just under six hours drive from my home, and wandering around this strip of land was a huge pleasure both for the views that you can glimpse, and both for the absolute relaxation that you can have on the coasts!

But what are the most suggestive places that you absolutely must visit? There are many places and small glimpses where you can stop during your trip to the Gargano, I will tell you the ones you cannot give up!


Vieste is the capital of the Gargano, a city with one of the most beautiful historic centers I’ve ever seen and a very lively nightlife for young and old alike. The strong point of Vieste is certainly the Pizzomunno beach, which takes its name from the famous legend of Cristalda and Pizzomunno, the two lovers divided by the jealousy of the sirens, but who every 100 years have the opportunity to meet. Do not miss the beautiful old town with its view of the sea and the Pizzomunno monolith!


A few kilometers from Vieste there is Peschici, another small typically Italian village with narrow streets and blue sea. Between Peschici and Vieste there are many beaches, and my advice is to stop at one of them to have the opportunity to see the Trabucco, an ancient fishing tool on dry land that is nowadays used as a restaurant, a typical activity of the area!

Rodi Garganico

If you are looking for a relaxing walk through the streets of another hamlet in the area, Rodi Garganico is for you, and also offers you the opportunity to read some famous phrases, quotes and aphorisms written directly on the walls of the houses.

Mattinata and Mattinatella

The Gargano is characterized by fine sandy beaches and shallow sea, you have to walk many meters before you don’t touch your feet. All this is what does not happen in Mattinata, where instead of sand there are mostly stones and the sea is already deep from the first steps. In Mattinata one thing to taste is certainly the exquisite oil that comes from the delicious olives of the area!

Foresta Umbra

Summer is not only sea but also mountains, and it is all that the Gargano has to offer you. From Monte Sant’Angelo to the visitor center of the forest, the airs in which to breathe a little fresh air are a lot, so start preparing your backpack right now with everything you need to take a tour around the pond and a picnic!

Caves and bays

Don’t stop at the important centers but go even further! The Gargano is a wild and uncontaminated strip of land, both in the mountains and at sea. It is above all in the sea areas that you have to go to the discovery of caves and bays where you can take a bath in crystal clear waters. To better discover it all, use one of the many boat tours that are organized both from Vieste and from Mattinata!

Photos Taken By Michele