I often find myself having a lot of beauty products that I have bought and that I don’t use anymore, or even that I have opened, used once, and put there in a drawer without using it again. Creams, perfumes, highlighters and palettes, maybe even found in an advent calendar or that I received as a gift, that I have never used. This made me reflect, saying to myself “maybe there is someone out there who may really need this product”. The problem has always been that I had no idea how to give someone the opportunity to receive the product, while also making money by selling it at a lower price.

Until I discovered Billionaire Beauty, a marketplace where you can resell your new or used products. The peculiarity of this platform is that everyone has their own space in which to sell products by becoming part of a real community. This is a community that has in common the desire to give new life to unused products, by giving you the opportunity to earn money from the resale of these products.

This is money that can be saved or used to buy other products, but this is not the only source of benefits. The production of a beauty product requires the use of materials such as plastic or paper, even simply to create the box of the latter. This type of sale reduces the exploitation of these materials useful for the realization: buying second-hand products, in addition to helping your wallet, also helps the environment. Furthermore, putting them back up for sale instead of throwing them away helps decrease the amount of waste.

Obviously, when selling something on the Internet, the aspect that a person cares most about is security. Well, Billionaire Beauty does it using PayPal, the best system to date to protect both buyer and seller on the web. If you have therefore decided to sell the beauty products closed in your drawer that you no longer use, just know that Billionaire Beauty applies only 10% on the sale, a small percentage that you can also give up for unused products!

I have written everything you need to know about it, so I invite you to join this platform and start creating your small market of unused products, also because there will always be something that you don’t need in the Christmas advent calendar that you will soon begin to open, but that maybe someone is trying to buy hoping to save some money!

In Partnership with Billionaire Beauty

Photos Taken By Michele