Yes, of course, sometimes it takes very little to be sexy: choose the tightest possible dress, the right slit, a mini dress right to cover the butt, nice cleavage to have your boobs in full view and that’s it. This is pretty much my style and you know by now, from the articles I write, how much I love it. But lately I’ve been trying to experiment and dare a little bit with clothes that aren’t very sexy. If a few months ago it was the turn of a t-shirt, in winter it is the turn of sweatshirts!

To have a real bi*ch style, you don’t always need to have the most tight-fitting and latest fashion clothes, but you just need to know how to use the right mix of items that can make your outfit very spicy! We all buy hoodies and sweetshirts for women, but I accidentally found one in my drawers. Well, my desire to create something super sexy with this sweatshirt was growing every day, until I decided to go out with the outfit you see in the photos!

With this outfit, every handsome hunk with sculpted chest will have no problem to be nice with me.

Donatella Sansalone

The sweatshirt was too long, it covered just enough the butt, and therefore I decided not to wear pants or shorts, inserting a belt to avoid unexpected raising of the sweatshirt directly on my booty. Instead, I worked a lot on the lower legs, inserting these fishnet stockings that give a very intriguing touch, leaving the viewer so much room for imagination for the lingerie you are wearing! I take this opportunity to invite you to take a look at the sexy lingerie wholesale, with which you will renew your secret drawer at a very low price!

It is obvious that then there is the highlight of the whole outfit, which are these knee-high boots, stiletto heels and tiger print. I could have also used a pair of black boots, but these raised the bi*ch level of myself a lot, giving me the right self-confidence that made me feel like a goddess.

I close this article by inviting you to buy outfits like this or many others during the Feelingirldress black friday 2020, in which you can take home many cheap sweatshirts and create your sexiest outfits! I can’t wait to have another sweatshirt in my hands and create more styles like this!

In Partnership with Feelingirldress
Boots and Sweatshirt Gifted by Qutaa and Bornanxius
Photos Taken By Michele