I don’t usually write certain types of articles, but as soon as the brand JennyRay contacted me to offer me the possibility of receiving all these products at home, I couldn’t tell them no! So here I am reviewing the largest package of clothing I have ever received, also showing you how I completed all my outfits with the items I received from JennyRay, a site I highly recommend you to buy from!


JennyRay dresses are characterized by an extraordinary quality, in all the models I have received! The fabrics and materials used are certainly at the top and are not chosen at random, nothing to envy to more famous brands, and it is no coincidence that I have not made a single mistake in terms of sizes. But let’s see what I chose.

Puffy Sleeves Green Dress

It is certainly one of my favorite garments among those I have received: deep neckline on the front to have my boobs in the front row, short at the right point and very tight on the side of the hips. I love it! Combined with these lighter colored shoes it is perfect for any type of event, evening or day!

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Flower Dress

The floral print was the protagonist of the summer season, we all know it already, but I wanted to dare and take this wonderful dress that is ruched on the hips precisely to mix a summer trend, the flower print, and an autumn trend, the ruched clothes. the satin fabric is really perfect, and it is very easy to wear without any problem!

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Blazer Dress

Tell me anything you want, but I love the style where a simple blazer is used as a dress! And if the blazer is orange even better since it is a perfect autumn color! Worn with a belt and a pair of boots you will not need anything else to be perfect and with a unique style!

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Bodycon White Dress

This was a big lack in my closet. I didn’t have a white dress that was super sexy, for those nights at the disco! This dress, super tight in every part of the body, is the perfect combination when looking for something sexy and sophisticated at the same time!

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Blue Dress

Blue, another super trend of this autumn-winter, certainly could not be missing within this haul, with this ruched dress in which the blue-tinted shapes clearly speak! The dress fits very tight despite being elastic, perhaps it is the tightest I have ever had, so my advice for you is to choose one size up, because it will adhere all over your body!

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Co-ordinated Sets

Another item of clothing that I love and that I just can’t give up is the co-ordinated sets. It’s stronger than me, but when it comes to these two pieces set, I fall madly in love and can’t take them off, especially if they are particular models like those found on JennyRay and that I was lucky enough to add in my closet!

Green Water Co-ord

It was one of those colors that was missing in my co-ords collection, and if I went back I would most likely take it of all the colors available because it is too beautiful and too well defined in every detail. The ruched shapes return, and the veil is present, for a co-ord that fits tight and comfortable, and that can be worn even in autumn on a nice trench coat!

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Mesh Patchwork

I admit, this is a very sexy purchase and I bought it to wear it on the blazer you saw above to create an orange total look, perfect for a Halloween party! The panties to wear are the ones you see under the skirt. You just have to wait for some handsome hunk to fall his eyes on you, because he will get stuck in your nets!

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Tie dye

Here is another super trend that you can’t not wear this fall: the tie dye print! I love this co-ord in all its forms and I think I will also wear it separately: I see very well the top on a pair of denim shorts and the skirt on a crop top! The co-ord fits very well and is elastic at the right point!

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Pink Crop Tops

I chose two pink crop tops, of different fabrics and different shades, but I felt the need to take something pink, since I hadn’t done it since the end of my last year of high school. And here I am immediately back there, in a pleated skirt and a pair of heels, ready to get me expelled from school! The situation is different for the second crop top, in satin, and certainly more elegant than the first, perfect on jeans, skirts and under jackets! Both of excellent quality!

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Bustier Blouse

Instagram is now full of girls wearing these bustiers of any color over their pants or jeans, and I had to make up for this gap! It is certainly not the quickest thing to wear, and I will never leave it out of the jeans because it would be too long, but once worn it can make an outfit very expensive, due to the quality and appearance it can give to you!

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Checkered Top

I’m not a big fan of vintage, and choosing this top was a bit like daring for me, because I knew very well that I was getting out of my comfort zone. The point is that fashion lies also in this, so here I am showing off a look that is a bit vintage but as sexy as I like it, with this top that might seem no big deal, but which actually perfectly completes a black-based outfit, giving a lot of dynamism!

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Loose Pants

You always see me with very tight clothing on, but I couldn’t help but give these loose pants a chance! I loved them from the moment I saw them, and I think I will buy many more too, because I love this style and I really like the way they look on me. Perfect for going to university or work, these are the most comfortable pants I’ve ever had, and that never make me give up on style!

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Photos Taken By Michele