It is true that life is unpredictable: due to the sudden outcome of the pandemic and the consequent university lessons in online mode, I had no choice but to leave my university room and return permanently to my hometown, to reunite with my family which I have not seen for months. I think many people can find themselves in what I am writing: suddenly leaving what you have built so carefully is not easy, as is leaving your habits and starting new ones. But I can certainly say that I consider myself lucky to have had the opportunity to return to what I call my real home, the one where I live with my parents.

Having said that, however, my birthplace’s room was a real disaster: red furniture with teddy bear-shaped handles (yeah, my parents didn’t think at all that I’d grow up one day!) and ruined dark pink walls made the room too childish and certainly not suitable for what I had become, and above all for the work I do. I think having a bedroom that reflects who you are is an essential part of your well-being. So what was the mission? To transform my room from top to bottom! To achieve this, I got help from my boyfriend, and in about 20 days we managed to give a breath of fresh air to my room: we changed the color of the furniture by sticking on top of them white and beige adhesive paper, colors that I love and that convey simplicity to me, we filled the shelves with very few objects above and made the whole space perfect to say the least.

But the real breakthrough came when the Swedish brand Photowall gave me the wonderful opportunity to try one of their wallpapers, an opportunity that fitted exactly with what I was trying to achieve at the time! In fact, after transforming the furniture in my room, it was time to change the walls, which made the room not very bright and unsuitable for the needs of a fashion blogger. So I decided to let the brand send me the wallpaper called “Old Brick Wall”, having made the decision to make the room in the colors of pink and white, a pop combination very suitable for my personality. Photowall’s motto, in fact, is “we believe that the walls of a room affect how we feel”, and I couldn’t agree more.

The wallpaper was directly sent to my house after a very fast shipping, and as soon as it was delivered to me, my boyfriend and I immediately got to work putting it up. The installation was very simple thanks to the wall-paper paste, included in the package, which you will have to mix with water. I recommend doing this job in two, because it will be faster and also quite fun, without any kind of stress! Just equip yourself with a ladder, brush, bucket, bags on the ground to avoid getting the floor dirty, and that’s it. After spending about 5 hours to install it, the result that came out was truly spectacular: the brick wallpaper made my room simple, pop, fashion, chic and minimal, everything I was looking for! The wallpaper is also of excellent quality, making the bricks look very realistic with a matte finish, is extra-resistant to scrapes, does not reflect sunlight, and makes the entire space much brighter. My new room was finally and officially ready, and I certainly would not have succeeded in this feat had it not been for Photowall.

I recommend everyone to buy something from this brand, which not only sells wallpapers, but also canvas prints and posters with impeccable designs and for all tastes, and you can take advantage of it using the discount code donatellasansalone25, that will give tyou a 25% discount on any product on the website!

In partnership with Photowall

Photos Taken By Michele