Blue will certainly not be missing in my outfits, and after so many years of absence from seeing it on me, I will be forced to renew my wardrobe with clothes of this color. I still don’t know which shades of blue I will choose, it will all depend on the style of the shirt or dress it is. This implies that the color will not be enough to convince me, as has often happened with the animal print, but I will also need the right sexy mix of the garment I choose!


It has been a long time since I added pants to my collection and I think the time has come to stock up on them, also to give a change to my way of dressing, which lately was only made up of mini skirts because I liked their hypersexy style they gave me! Well, know that I have renewed everything, adding some very booty friendly pants and more, for an autumn winter that will see me change style a bit!


So, this will be one of those items that will be difficult to find, as I am very difficult to please when it comes to clothes of a thousand colors, therefore the search for something with these characteristics will be very meticulous and I think I will hardly rely on buying it online, I would first like to see how it fits me and then proceed with the purchase!


Garment that I will most likely wear in the sexiest way possible: that is as a simple dress or with something like a pair of shorts and a crop top, all in a super sexy sauce and perfect for those nights that I like, in which I find myself looking for someone to show what lies under my blazer!

In partnership with Yoins

Photos Taken By Michele