During this 2020 still underway we are having the opportunity to see how, in the field of fashion, very particular prints are super in style: we can see this in our favorite shops or simply simply by scrolling on our favorite social networks. And speaking of social networks, I realized that there were only photos where I tended to wear single-colored clothes in my Instagram feed, and that something that could give a breath of fresh air to my closet and my feed was definitelty missing. I mean, I was suffering from all that monotony!

So I took great advantage of collaborating with Shein to receive clothes with particular prints. Among these, in addition to the floral one I have already written a post about, I particularly fell in love with the oriental-style print and I could not help but get me sent a piece with this print: dragons, silk-like fabric, also floral ornaments, I I chose this beautiful co-ordinated set, which instantly made me feel like a sexy Asian queen as soon as I put it on, consisting of a crop top and a vertiginous mini skirt, along with my beloved mules and giant hoop earrings, which have given an extra touch of cheekiness to my outfit, which never hurts!

So I’m still trying to experiment a lot with my style, trying to make it more peculiar and above all by wearing clothing that I never thought would fit what I usually wear, so get ready because the best is yet to come, stay tuned! I’m happy to have started experimenting with this print, super sensual and nothing short of perfect for my personality, cosmopolitan and very shameless.

In partnership withΒ Yoins

Photos Taken By Michele