Have a healthy breakfast and drink a glass of water!

Let’s start by saying that, to have a healthy breakfast, what must not be missing in the early morning are proteins. In fact, they reduce the desire to eat throughout the morning, as proteins keep the sugar levels present in the blood constant, preventing sudden attacks of hunger. Why water? Drinking a nice glass of water, perhaps hot and with lemon, tones the whole body and promotes diuresis. As soon as you wake up, nothing is more important than a glass of water!



Do physical activity

Before having breakfast it is better to indulge in some physical activity, such as aerobic, to eliminate fat, thus increasing the metabolism that goes to eliminate fat. Also think of a little meditation to better face the day and get that sense of gratification that can be very useful during the daily routine!




Skin-care routine and choice of the outfit!

After your physical activity and your super well-deserved breakfast, the time has come to give yourself some time to your skin, starting for example from a nice bath, followed by some facial cream treatment and for your dark circles. During your breakfast you will surely have scrolled through the various fashion and beauty bloggers you follow on Instagram, therefore you will surely have thought about how to make up and what to wear for your daily routine: you will only have to get dressed and make up as you wish, and face the day to the best of your potential after an excellent daily routine!



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Photos Taken By Michele