Brooklyn Bridge

Position yourself on one of the many spots where you can best cross your legs and start being photographed. Use the effect created by the strings for a more dynamic result, and move while standing. Brooklin Bridge is an iconic place for all New York, it connects the two districts of Manhattan and Brooklyn, and you can’t miss this spot!

Brooklin Bridge-1


Flatiron Building

It is certainly the strangest building that you will find in front of you walking on Fifth Avenue, once you have passed the very tall Empire State Building, the Rockefeller Center and the many shopping shops in which you have spent a fortune! Having said that, you can’t help but position yourself at the corner of the sidewalk with your heels with the beautiful Flatiron Building in the background!


Central Park

Obviously you cannot miss the most famous park in the world, where many hot boys daily run to hit their pecs (oops!). Here I advise you to take advantage of the view you have on the Hernshead viewpoint, opting for times when the sun has gone down to avoid difficulties in managing your camera and to have the best reflection on the lake and the best colors on the city!

Central Park-1


This is one of the most beautiful corners and views in all of New York, this time with a view of the Manhattan Bridge, where Washington Street meets Plymouth Street. Here the red brick houses meet the blue of the Manhattan Bridge, creating a mix of colors that will make you find yourself in a natural orange and teel!

Dumbo New York-3

Dumbo New York-1

Washington Square

You can get from Dumbo to Washington Square through a walk that, crossing Brooklyn Bridge, will take you inside Chinatown, Little Italy and Soho, to reach one of the most iconic squares in all of New York, right in front of NYU, there where the arch of the Washington Square Park meets the green of the trees and the colour of the typical New York buildings. Here it seems to be both in Paris and in New York, for a winning mix that cannot be missing in your Instagram feed!

Washington Square Garden

Liberty Island

Not everyone knows that the Statue of Liberty belongs to New Jersey and not to the state of New York, but nevertheless it remains one of the most photographed spots during a trip to the city that never sleeps. It is not easy to photograph the Statue of Liberty from New York in a photo with you, so prepare your ticket to Liberty Island and take a wonderful photo right at the feet of the Lady!

Lady Liberty-6

Pietro Nolita

Pink has always been my favorite color and it fits very well with my lifestyle, therefore, among the many super instagrammable shops and restaurants, I decided to take my photos in front of this lovely Italian restaurant, located between Soho and Little Italy.

Pietro Nolita-1

Pietro Nolita-6

Times Square

Many people ignore this square to take pictures, but I think I have taken the photos I prefer most, and, in addition, I can say that they are the only shots taken in an evening setting on my Instagram feed that I like. If at first it frightened me, as soon as I saw the result obtained by editing the photos on Ligthroom, I couldn’t wait to publish them on Instagram, as the result was nothing short of spectacular!

Times Square-1

Times Square-2

Photos Taken By Michele