I have never been a great lover of t-shirts. Of course, like most girls, I spent a good part of my school years wearing them, but when I discovered the magic existence of crop tops I decided to put away every single t-shirt I had, to give space to literally a flood of crops top. I’m not kidding, I have 5 full drawers!

It is also true that the years pass, and the desires change. This means that now I can’t bear the fact that my butt is covered by a t-shirt, I just can’t do it! And what if there is a pretty boy where to turn around a bit to allow our butt to do some hot work? I mean, dear girls, the butt has the absolute need to be looked at and put on display in my opinion. So I decided to turn a t-shirt in one of the sexiest outfits I have ever created!

Sexy T-Shirt-2

Sexy T-Shirt-3

Sexy T-Shirt-4

Sexy T-Shirt-5

Sexy T-Shirt-6

I believe that your eyes don’t know which way to start looking, so have a good vision! And take a cue from this outfit!

Photos Taken By Michele