I’ve never liked the boys who gave me flowers or showed up at the door with a bouquet of flowers. I don’t know about you, but most of the time they seemed to me like desperate straight white males who thought they had found their princess. This is why I tend to return the flowers to the sender, with a lot of closure of the door in his face! Get out of my way, Disney princesses are gone for a while, I prefer someone who knocks on my door with a pair of blue boxers!

After this little introduction where you learnt something new about my temper, I want you to know that I have not written anywhere that I don’t like wearing floral prints. On the contrary, I stocked up on outfits in floral print, the trend of this year! Co-ords, dresses, skirts and crop tops: I filled my wardrobe with colorful clothes for my summer holidays and to color my Instagram feed a bit! An example is this beautiful co-ordinated set from Shein, with pink roses and very peculiar thanks to the presence of puffy sleeves, worn with my beloved pink heels that are of some years ago, but that never lose their charm.

Flower Outfit-2

Flower Outfit-4

Flower Outfit-3

Flower Outfit-5

Flower Outfit-6

Flower Outfit-9

You know what, I can’t wait to see the face of everyone who showed up with roses knocking on my house, to which I literally slammed the door in their face, when they will see me wearing my floral outfits. I hope that they will understand that it’s not the flowers I don’t like, but their being too desperate!

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Photos Taken By Michele