Centre Ville

It is obvious that a trip to a big city must pass through its center, and the city of Montreal is full of small districts, and there also so many events to attend. During my three days in the capital of Quebec, I loved walking through the skyscrapers of the center, which mix with as many different cultures. In fact, in addition to the Financial District, you can find other small neighborhoods, such as the nice and welcoming Chinatown, perhaps the most beautiful I have ever seen in all the cities that I have visited so far, or street completely dedicated to shopping, such as Rue St. Chaterine, or streets dedicated to art, such as the huge MAC complex.

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Old Town

I was very amazed by this neighborhood, as, since I visited a lot of European capitals, the main impact I had was to think about how much the streets of this district where I walked have been influenced by the style of Europe, but especially of France. The Notre-Dame Basilica is beautiful, and the narrow streets of the center are even more lovely. I then reached Place Jacques-Cartier, very colorful in summer, with the many flowers that surround the several restaurants in the square. Do not miss an evening walk on the street overlooking the harbor, for a romantic and relaxing atmosphere with a view of the Clock Tower.

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The Village

Here in Italy, the LGBTQ+ community unfortunately does not have these wonderful spaces at all, so I must admit, that the aspect that has impressed me the most of my trip to Canada is absolutely this colorful district. Montreal Village is awesome, and like Chinatown, is the most beautiful colorful neighborhood I’ve ever seen: I will never forget the cute balls that change color once you walk along Rue St.Catherine, creating a stunning effect that maked my walk through the flood of gay and lesbian clubs very happy. Also not to be missed is the Latin Quarter, an ideal spot for a refined dinner with a Parisian style.

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Photos Taken By Michele