I have never been too convinced to test vegan products as regards my beauty routine, as I did not feel very persuaded of the real effectiveness of the products, since I though they lacked some ingredients that I considered essential. Well, all this lasted until the Spanish company Niche Beauty Lab contacted me to collaborate. It produces cosmetic products on different quality brands at affordable prices. They specifically sent me a box containing three products from the brand Detox Skinfood.  I have to admit, I was amazed by the effectiveness of these products, and I immediately changed my mind about the beauty products with natural ingredients!

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The products I received are a facial mask, an active cleanser and an eye contour cream from the brand Detox Skinfood. In short, all products that have been part of my skin care routine for some time now and which, as I have already mentioned, I had not yet tried in the vegan version. The products are excellent, and they do their job very well: the active cleansing facial gel eliminates all the impurities of my skin, the facial mask soothes and makes the skin smoother, while the eye contour cream helps to prevent or eliminate dark circles.

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Before writing this review, I obviously waited to see the effects that would have occurred over time, and I can’t deny the fact that I’m feeling very comfortable with these products. My skin is fresher and with much less impurities, and the dark circles have had a huge improvement that I had never seen with products from the most famous brands. So what can I say? Thank you Niche Beauty Lab for letting me experience these amazing vegan items. I really think I could start bringing some more vegan content on this blog as well as on my Instagram!

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