Okay, do not pounce on me and do not start accusing me of heresy, I am aware that this type of bikini top does not help the tan, especially on the boobs. However, I remind you that there could another option, which is being topless: I mean, it is very easy to take off our shirt, all men can, I really can’t get why women should not! And then, this, unfortunately, is the year of Covid-19, so how many times will we be able to go to the beach? 3 days, 5 days, a week or two for the lucky ones. I am mentioning all of this to tell you that this bikini is the ideal solution this year to tan during the hot days of this uncertain summer, focusing more on our arms, legs and butt!

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It’s sexy, there is no doubt about it: the wet nipple effect on these t-shirts as soon as we come out of the water is something for which even the hot lifeguard will wonder if he has to throw a life jacket to save our nipples from our bikini. Let’s pay attention to the choice of the bikini bottom: diaper underpants are absolutely forbidden! Say yes to thong, Brazilian bottom and string to better shake our ass on the beach and to wear while playing volleyball with those super hot Spanish tourists, who will do nothing but sweat when looking from behind our position to do a sprawl dive. An easy victory, I know!

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If the lifeguard and the Spanish guys do not convince you (I understand the lifeguard, but the Spanish guys had to convince you) well, here is the direct invitation to the beach foam party at seven in the evening, to which it is impossible to say no and in which you can choose among all the nationalities of him or her you want, and the sun will be too soft to tan… Do you know a better outfit? I don’t! Oh, and don’t go overboard with Cosmopolitans!

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Photos Taken By Michele