Whether it’s with him or her, the first date is one of those stumbling blocks. There are usually three problems that make us feel insecure: what to wear, what to talk about and what to do as soon as the date is over. But are we sure these are real problems? I would say no!

What to wear?

It’s simpler than you think, just wear what reflects you most! If you want a tip from a fashion blogger, I would opt for a nice pencil skirt and crop top, or a pencil dress. First of all, you have to be proud of yourself, even inside your outfit, releasing charm and sensuality with the aim of turning the head of your partner! Have you gained some pounds in the last period and does the dress no longer fit you? You could buy one of the many shaper shortsΒ available on the FeelinGirl website, which allow you to put the shapes under your tight-fitting clothes back in their place!

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Otherwise, if you feel the need to lose weight and you don’t want to wear again a shaper short for the second date, you could also consider buying a waist trainer for women to take with you to the gym, in order to speed up the fat loss process and get back in shape immediately after a few week!



What to talk about?

Be yourself, talk about your hobbies, your school and university career, your pets and anything else. Ask questions and don’t just wait to get them, but try to get to know the person in front of you. Ask two or three targeted questions that allow you to understand if the person in front of you respects your personality, after obviously having ascertained the physical appareance that you saw on Tinder’s pictures. I mean, you are training with the FeelinGirl products and you have an amazing booty, you cannot be satisfied with a lightweight!

What to do at the end of the date?

Clearly, everything must depend on your will; if you liked him or her so much, I would have no problem getting him or her to bed, even to test his or her other skills that I would call somewhat essential. If instead there have not been any sparks that made your eyes sparkle, then don’t hesitate to say no to a next date.




It is true that there are two types of people out there: those who speak, speak and speak so nervously in order to delay the moment when your languages have to touch, and those who seek nothing but this. To give you an example, my current boyfriend belongs to the first category, and at the time of our first date he was one of those high school freaks who could only think about his PlayStation and who listened to that type of music that nobody knows. Needless to say, while he was speaking to me, I stuck my tongue in his mouth, a bit like the scene of Seth and Summer in the O.C. This is to tell you that we have been together for seven years now, and I don’t remember a day when I regretted what I have done. Therefore, if you feel the desire to do something that goes beyond the simple date, do it, I am sure that you will hardly regret it.

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