Summer is that season of the year in which, let’s face it, we sweat a lot, and we always try to wear clothes that make us sweat less but above all make us feel fresher… Yes, in every part of our body! It’s true, I have never been a great bodysuit fan, I prefer to let my crotch breath under my skater skirts, but I must say that sometimes a bodysuit can be the best solution, especially now that I have discovered the existence of the thong bodysuits!

This piece of clothing helps our body take a perfect hourglass shape if we combine it with a nice pair of jeans, trousers or shorts, and especially if we wear a bodysuit with a large, beautiful and deep dizzying neckline, thanks to which we will risk to have all eyes on our boobs instead of on our eyes, oops! I never wear trousers in the summer, but when I decide to put my booty in prison in the summer I have to do it well and enhance it by putting a nice pair of super-heeled sandals or wedges on: minimum heel height allowed? 10 cm!

Body In Summer-5

Body In Summer-4

Body In Summer-2

Body In Summer-6

If you like to air the part down there, opening the windows to clear the air as if there is no tomorrow, bodysuits return to help you with the pattern above your waist if you wear a skater skirt, or, if you are lovers of tight skirts, you will totally obtain that effect that when you look in the mirror you get the desire to have sex with yourself as much as you are hot. I don’t know about you, but it often happens to me! What about colors? Be creative and you will have no problems.

Body In Summer-8

Body In Summer-14

Body In Summer-9

Body In Summer-7

Body In Summer-12

Body In Summer-11

Photos Taken By Michele