How beautiful summer is! It is my favorite season for many reasons, but above all because I can finally eliminate all the super high-coverage winter clothes that I hate and start wearing all the mini clothing I want! Specifically, what could be better than wearing nice bikinis while we are sunbathing? You know that I am a huge lover of thongs, since I think a bikini thong is the best mean to get a tan as homogeneous as possible on our butt, which we will appreciate much more and of which we will be very proud in winter when we will see our amazing body at the mirror. Today, however, I will focus much more on colors than on the type of bikinis!

When we have to decide which bikini to buy, I think we tend to focus too little on the choice of colors, perhaps focusing more on the type that suits us better than anything else. Well, this year I decided to pay a lot more attention to the right color to pick, thanks to the brand Mycharmo that gave me this opportunity by gifting me with some its bikinis! So let’s see what are the colors in question by showing you the opinions of my Instagram followers!


Taking my Instagram stories as a reference, the yellow bikini is the one of the three that I will show you today which has been the preferred by the majority of my followers. I was very surprised of such a success! So apparently this color has been considered the sexiest of the three, in the face of those who say yellow is ugly or too flashy or not sexy… I would say that we absolutely have to change our mind! I find it indeed very beautiful and epic to wear at the beach, and I’m sure that the effect well be even better when I will be tanned!

Bikini Best Colours-9278

Bikini Best Colours-9336

Bikini Best Colours-9322

Bikini Best Colours-9386

Bikini Best Colours-9349


As far as the model-type of the swimsuit is concerned, the yellow and orange ones are identically, but nevertheless the orange bikini has been the second choice of my followers, right after yellow. Even if the difference in grades is minimal, this remains my favorite among the colors I present to you today, because I find it exceptional in every way, especially for being a clear super friend in maximizing my tan!

Bikini Best Colours-9453

Bikini Best Colours-9397

Bikini Best Colours-9433

Bikini Best Colours-9514

Bikini Best Colours-9501


I hadn’t been wearing a green bikini since high school and I still wonder today why I never bought one. This is perhaps a color we underestimate too much, but if we think about it, it shines wonderfully in the sunlight and when we are in the water! This bikini has been the last choice on my Instagram’s poll, it may have been because of the top T-Shirt pattern, which I actually find very distinctive, so much that I will write about it in detail in a future article. Stay tuned! Oh, let me know in the comments below what is your favorite!

Bikini Best Colours-9245

Bikini Best Colours-9103

Bikini Best Colours-9174

Bikini Best Colours-9122

Bikini Best Colours-9236

Items gifted from Mycharmo

Photos Taken By Michele