The time has come to write about my adventure in North America starting from the first stop, Toronto, which, as you already know, was followed by Montreal and New York, in a new format, showing you how I lived this amazing experience day by day. I spent 5 days in Toronto, but the first was the one of arrival from Europe after 12 hours of travel, and, as for the fifth one, me and my partner could not be able to see a lot of the city, since we had to move on to Montreal!

Day 1

As soon as we woke up we realized it would not be easy to face the jet lag, and soon you will understand why. We stayed in a Airbnb located in Chinatown, a short walk from the Art Gallery of Ontario, a gallery with a Canadian art collection, which has been the first stopover of our trip for this reason. Our tour then continued towards Yonge Dundas Square, and crossing the Toronto Eaton Center we reached the Nathan Philips Square, the famous and beautiful square with the city’s inscription. We concluded our mornirng by visiting The Path, the huge underground city of Toronto where citizens seem to find relief in winter when temperatures become too cold.

Toronto in Five days-6524

Toronto in Five days-6625

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Toronto in Five days-6672

At the end of our morning it was time for the Free Walking Tour led by Adam, a very nice person who has told us all about the old city of Toronto. Adam took us from the Gooderham Building to the Distillery district in two hours of walking and showing an immense love for his city. His tour has been very helpful in discovering a lot of things about this wonderful city and I truly recommend it if you visit the capital of Ontario!

We then headed to the big St Lawrance Market, a place where we enjoyed a quick break eating some fresh fruit, before reaching the picturesque Sugar Beach, a super instagrammable beach with pink umbrellas and where to relax with the skyline view! It was 7pm and we decided to go back to our home to get some rest and then get ready for dinner… But we actually fell asleep because of jet lag and we woke up the next morning!

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Toronto in Five days-6759

Day 2

Given the enormous effort made the day before, we could allow ourselves to get around the city with more calm during the two remaining days. We started the second day from Chinatown, the neighborhood where we stayed, from which we went to the colourful Kensington Market and the University of Toronto, where we took a minute in the company of cute squirrels. The next attraction we visited was then Casa Loma, a very famous house on top of a hill where you can enjoy a beautiful panoramic view on the skyline.

After taking a nap, in order not to fall into the error of the previous day, our afternoon began from Yonge Dundas Square and from there we explored the city northwards this time, traveling across Yonge street to Yorkville and its super luxury shops. We went back down and walked for three times the beautiful Church street, where you can find the LGBT + community.

It was finally evening and it was time to taste some traditional dishes of Canadian cuisine: our choice fell on the typical Canadian fries with the cheese cream on top that we brought to eat at the Harbore Square Park, the place from which our evening walk started and that led us at the foot of the very high CN Tower.

Day 3

The third and final full day was divided in two parts: we had to see the last attractions left in the city in the morning and relax on Toronto Island in the afternoon. So in the morning we reached the Financial District with its huge buildings that until now we had only seen from a long distance, and Graffiti Street, a beautiful street, not easy to get to but super instagrammable, totally worth a visit to capture an Instagram moment!

Toronto in Five days-7152

Toronto in Five days-7282

Toronto in Five days-7061

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Toronto in Five days-7312

As I already mentioned, we then spent a lovely afternoon on Toronto Island, which we have reached by a ferry that departed directly from the banks of the city. We have been enchanted by the beauty around the island and by the wonderful atmosphere created by local families during a sunny Sunday in August and by the young people with their friends. A perfect place to break away from the everyday routine and find some peace, relaxation and nature, away from jungle of skyscrapers that you can see on the other side of the shore!

The day ends with a dinner at the Goodman Pub and Kitchen and a long walk around the city, starting from the Cn Tower and visiting once again the Nathan Philips square and Yonge Dundas Square to best capture the whole city in the evening lights, for an indelible memory that we will never forget!

Toronto in Five days-7525

Photos Taken By Michele