After consistently spending three months at the gym I certainly could not stop doing physical activity for a long time, I could not quit doing my daily workouts that were part of my routine and made me feel so good. So I planned a weekly workout routine during the last months of quarantine, made possible thanks to all the activities that can be found on social media, through the several live video streams broadcasted by the specialists in the sector, or through the apps present on Apple Store and Play Store! A special care should be reserved for the garments worn during our workouts: in this case I really suggest to wear a latex waist trainer to facilitate weight loss during exercising or running. But how I specifically arranged my weekly workout plan?

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Legs and glutes exercises

There are hundreds of Youtube channels in which these parts of the body are trained. My favorite one is definitely MadFit, which with its song workouts gave me the strength to always do my best. These exercises helped me in keeping my belly flat, my butt up and my legs toned, thus keeping my shape slim and curvy at the same time. If you are also looking for a result like this but you cannot reach it, I suggest you wear a perfect slimming bodysuit under each outfit, also to make your shape slimmer!

Yoga and Pilates

I didn’t always feel like going beyond myself and making the maximum efforts: I also allowed myself to have more relaxing exercises that would help me to stretch a lot, like Yoga and Pilates. I came to adore the male voice behind the Down Dog app, which I think I’m ready to take to bed only because of his voice… every time he repeated “shavasana”, well, awesome sauce, ASMR level! Pilates is also excellent and ideal for toning and correcting our posture after hours spent on chairs, sofa and bed.


I loved and I still love doing Zumba, I think it has become my favorite activity during quarantine and I found it the perfect alternative to a total body workout or to a circuit training. I made space in my living room to jump here and there and I got busy as hard as I could with this type of training. How do make your workout even stronger? Try wearing a double belt waist trainer. This product helps stimulate your body’s thermal activity by removing excess toxins.


I started to walk only recently, when the rules became less stringent and the desire to go outside was a lot. So I take my 10,000 steps in fast walking, through the various ups and downs of my city, equipped with mask and step counter. I decided to abandon the car to move around the city and to enjoy a beautiful walk, especially now with the fine weather, and to be eco-friendly. Oh, and don’t underestimate biking, ideal for toning up and being environmentally friendly in this case too!

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